Being greeted by Officer Phillip Wright (on right in photo with an employee of The Martin Agency) is like standing in a beam of warm sunshine. Officer Wright has been securing and protecting The Martin Agency for the last eight of his nine years with ASG. But Officer Wright is equally known for putting smiles on the faces of all who enter The Martin Agency.

Officer Wright, born in Florida, was eight years old when his family moved to Richmond. Officer Wright has two sisters and one brother. He describes himself as a “little weird” because of his unflaggingly cheerful outlook on life. His favorite saying, “mistakes are just happy accidents,” comes from a television personality.

Officer Wright also likes to laugh at himself. He vividly recalls one of his early days at The Martin Agency when he burned popcorn in The Martin Agency’s Atrium microwave. The memory of the smell of burnt popcorn permeating the Atrium still brings an embarrassed smile to his face. On his serious side, Officer Wright closely follows the news and is well versed on today’s political and environmental issues.

Officer Wright is an outstanding ambassador for ASG and a valued member of The Martin Agency team as evidenced by the below quote from Carmina Drummond of The Martin Agency:

We love Phil! His consistency, professional judgment, and understanding of our needs is unparalleled. But Phil’s greatest attribute is his genuine good nature. He positively affects every person that comes into contact with him and we consider ourselves fortunate to have him as a part of the team.”