American Security Group

Protecting Your ROI

American Security Group, LLC (“ASG”) was co-founded by John Hall, President, in 1994. ASG’s vision was that the contract security industry needed something better. For ASG this vision was of a company that cares not only for customers but also for its employees.

The basis for this vision is that contract security is a service that is only as good as its employees. ASG’s continuous investment in its most valuable asset, its human capital, is the key to our success.

Thus, ASG focuses on sound employee practices along with family principles and values. As we grow, we continue to respect everyone, greet others with courtesy and professionalism while maintaining education, training and discipline at the highest industry standards.

With nearly a century of combined experience, ASG has formed a well-seasoned team of key employees all of whom have impressive credentials in security and related fields, e. g, law enforcement, corrections/detention, military. ASG’s enviable reputation for dependable service and quality management earned recognition as one of the Richmond area’s “Rising 25” companies in 2002.

The key to ASG’s success lies in its:

  • Commitment to establish and maintain professional, responsive, and collaborative relationships with our clients
  • Ability to recruit, select, train and manage the human resources that are the keys to success
  • Care, respect for and appreciation of our employees

ASG has grown to operate armed and unarmed security services to a range of:

  • Over 41,000 acres
  • Over 1,079 buildings (to include parking facilities)
  • Over 300 fully trained employees

In addition to its Richmond, VA headquarters office, ASG has a divisional office in Hampton Roads, Virginia.